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Oct 30 2003

Hoel Engineering Ltd releases updated website.

Hoel Engineering’s new updated website provides clients with rich content and detailed information.

Aug 21 2003

Hoel Engineering Ltd Gains Valuable Knowledge on Traffic Engineering and Technology.

Hoel Engineering gains knowledge and experience from our 3-year business association with ITEM Ltd. This company includes both the UK company, Astucia, and US traffic product marketing company. In addition, ITEM has given our engineers a strong basis for expanding its business offerings. Moreover, ITEM Ltd has been branded as one of the most recognized names in the US. traffic delineation industry.

Jul 24 2003

Client Testimonial about Hoel Engineering Ltd

Client testimonial: “It is surprising that this Victoria based engineering firm is not more recognized. We have had great success with their engineers. Our project was completed on-time and below-budget!”

Hoel Engineering is a locally-owned and operated firm located in beautiful Victoria, BC for over the past 60 years. As a result, clients and customers who utilize our professional engineering and contracting services have improved success with their projects. In addition, we dedicate our time to customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of our product.

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Jun 01 2003

Hoel Engineering Ltd completes Overseas Traffic Consulting Contract

Hoel Engineering Ltd completes its 3-year overseas traffic consulting contract with the US based traffic product marketing company, ITEM Ltd. ITEM Ltd has been involved in large scale design and development and marketing of LED based traffic safety products.

Jun 06 2000

Hoel’s engineering and ISO expertise is contracted by ITEM Ltd.

Hoel Engineering Ltd is contracted by ITEM ltd. to provide professional engineering services. This US based traffic product marketing company is also known as Intelligent Traffic Engineering and Management Ltd.

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