Hoel Engineering Group Since 1959

Hoel Engineering Group Since 1959

After emigrating with his family from Norway in 1957, Erik Hoel, P.Eng established his business as a sole proprietorship in 1959.

Erik’s firm was Victoria’s first engineering company to undertake civil engineering and wastewater treatment and disposal system design, in addition to structural engineering and building design.

Shortly thereafter, in order to meet the needs of the growing land development division, a survey department was added to the services provided.

In the 1960s, Erik focused primarily on building design, structural engineering, and residential sewage disposal systems. During this time, he was associated with the design of over 60 larger condos and housing units in the Victoria area, including the first high-rise apartment building in Victoria.

By the mid-1970s, Greater Victoria was experiencing an accelerating rate of development. The firm was expanding accordingly, and was a major participant in the local civil engineering field. Erik’s son, Jan Hoel, had now become a partner in the business and in 1978 the firm was renamed to reflect the changes in management and to provide an updated image for the company.

Business Through the Recession

During the early 1980s, when the local economy was in a deep recession, the firm survived by adjusting to meet the changing needs of the time. The company’s focus during this recovery decade targeted smaller residential and commercial developments for local developers and homeowners, performing residential design, structural engineering, and sewage disposal work.

Hoel Engineering Group still enjoy serving this niche market today.

As the economy began to improve through the 1990s and into the new millennium, the Hoel Engineering Group re-expanded, acquiring and becoming proficient in technology for design, surveying, mapping, and CAD, and instituted a quality policy for constant improvement of its processes, skills, and equipment.

During that same period Jan developed a specialization, whereas his knowledge and experience gained in stormwater management and watershed analysis enabled the Hoel Engineering Group to provide innovative design solutions for the unique problems associated with stormwater management. This, together with decades of experience in wastewater treatment and disposal, had become a distinct asset in the regrowth of the company.

Hoel Engineering Today

In addition to strengths gained through nearly 60-years of business, the Hoel Engineering Group has also adopted the ISO-9000 quality policy.

With that strength, Hoel Engineering Group is able to provide capable project engineering management services, beginning with the collection of project data and continuing throughout each stage of development to completion.

Hoel Engineering Group’s experience base and focus on quality affords clients with reliable guidance and supervision, and ensures that their interests and specific circumstances are being carefully considered in the process.

Hoel Engineering Group’s technical expertise and experience enables Hoel to provide optimum designs yielding economical construction costs, all at very competitive rates.

As Victoria’s first engineering company, Hoel Engineering Group is pleased to continue providing services to clients across the island. Including private homeowners and developers from municipal to federal levels of government.

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