Why Hoel?

Here are the many reasons to choose Hoel Engineering Group for your next project

Our Experience

Hoel Engineering Group’s decades of experience in land development, design, and construction projects benefit every client we serve.

Through this extensive experience we have developed a comprehensive understanding of other professionals’ roles in the project development process, enabling us to effectively liase with architects, designers, sub-consultants, contractors, lawyers, accountants, owners and stake holders.

Our long-standing presence in the region has also allowed us to create a well established and respected relationship with agencies having jurisdiction.

Two engineers consulting

Our Objective Management

Our objective management takes subjectivity out of the process. Our perspective from the vantage point of experience, allows us to make measured, objective judgements which provide our clients with what they need most – sound, rational advice, and guidance.

Objective management

Our Early Involvement

Our early involvement is key to optimized designs. Early involvement by our experienced staff allows the structuring of each project for optimized designs. This begins with the collection of project data and conceptual design development, and continues throughout each stage to completion.

Our clients also benefit by participating in the technical and critical design stages with our experienced professional and technical staff. This active involvement in their project assures our clients that their interests and specific requirements are being carefully considered in the process.

Early design discussion

Our Site-specific Services

Our approach customizes services to the needs of each client and project scenario. Our acute awareness of the individuality of each opportunity ensures that we don’t take a generic approach to any project assignment.

Site specific services

Our Respect for your Operations

Clients aren’t diverted from their normal tasks. Hoel Engineering Group’s professionals and technicians accomplish the project management tasks that are required for proper control of the project, thereby maximizing our client’s efficiency by ensuring that the clients staff are not diverted from their usual activities.

Two people handshaking

Our Value-added Services

With Hoel Engineering Group, you’ll have a positive return on your investment. Our extensive track record has proven that the benefits from our services result in savings to our client that far exceed the cost of those services.

Positive return on investment statistics

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